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School Board School Board Members

President: Walt Franklin
Vice President: Warren Wheeler
Secretary: Michael Gunter
Members: Marty Harris, Chris Turner, Joe Verastegui & Karen Wheeler

Welcome to the McMullen County I.S.D website. I'm Walt Franklin, President of the Board of Trustees.  Five of our seven board members are graduates of McMullen County I.S.D. and the other two are long time McMullen County residents.  All of us who serve on the board are extremely proud of our students, faculty, staff and community. 

We consider each and every child at "our school" to be "our kid" and we strive to provide the absolute best learning environment possible for them.   The Board is diligent in their efforts to give the students an excellent education and a great opportunity to excel in multiple extra-curricular activities. 

We believe that our faculty, staff and administration are as good as there is!  These professionals are self motivated and want only the best for the students.  The efforts of the employees and our students are evident in the consistent performance ratings earned by McMullen County I.S.D.

We consider our position as Board members an honor and we thank the citizens of McMullen County for their confidence in us!

Go Cowboys and Cowgirls!


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