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My name is Mary Pate and as Technology Director of McMullen County, I want to tell you not only about myself, but about the changes we have been making to our technology infrastructure to improve the learning opportunities for the students and staff here.

Four years ago the District had around 100 networked computers, 52 allocated between 4 labs, 14 for library patrons’ use and 30 for teachers and administrators. Currently this amount has almost doubled with over 190 networked computers: 82 divided between 4 labs, 18 for library patrons, 36 in PreK-6th grade elementary classes, 4 for special education instruction, 50 for district teachers and administrators, and 2 dedicated for secure visitor check in. During the 2014-2015 year, an additional 24 computers were added for student use in the new Ag facility, bringing our total computers to 214.

There are also currently 310 iPads available throughout the district for 1:1 use for all students and staff.  All classrooms are equipped with an Elmo, SMART Board, projector, and Apple TV. The district has moved from 7 networked printers, to 5 networked copiers and 27 networked printers, located in each teacher’s classroom, libraries, and computer labs.


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